Mental Health Billing for Non-Profits

If you are responsible for Behavioral Health Billing Utah  for a non-profit, you’ve got to avoid two layers of challenges – people who come from billing for what some consider a non-traditional healthcare service, and people from addressing the special needs and processes of non-profits companies.

Bill Opens Medicare Billing to Additional Behavioral Health Providers

For this reason, it is often important to outsource billing to a professional third party like Medical Billers and Coders to handle your medical billing. We have worked with many non-profits, and that we understand that you simply can’t afford to wait for weeks to get reimbursement from insurance companies. We’ll assist you to code your claims correctly, avoid the issues that insurance

companies cite to avoid paying you and hunt those unpaid or rejected claims to form sure your non-profit gets the reimbursement what it deserves.

Therapist Billing

As a therapist, you’ll often find the requirements and concerns of your patients overwhelming. You do not need to worry about various insurance payers and dealing out which billing codes they’re going to accept. Our billers can help you to find and input billing codes easily and we’ll work with the insurance companies so you’ll focus on providing care to your patients.

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